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ok so this day started out ok i watched by 3 hr dose of 90210 while watching matthew. Then went out to dinner with the familgia @ ginos around 3. Then my padre went to work and me n mah ma, bro n sis went to church. Then me n my bros n ma went to the yrktown fair-->> fun stuff. then i came home and there was my sis watching home viedos... i was lyke.. great (saRcAstiCisM)! i hate watching home videos they make me so depressed, buh wha was so bad bout this one was it had my papa aka. grandpa who died 5 yrs ago (already i think). it showed the last christmas we had with him and then it showed his birthday which is on dec.29 so it was rite after.We all were like blowing out the candels with him , all of us, me and my cousins it was great. Those were the good times (kinda even tho he was sick) because at least everyone was together! Like my cousins madre wasnt around with her new guy and seperated from the family but she was actually there enjoing herself and not complaining about my uncle. Also my cousins looked happy and not screwed up from disappointment in their lives. "Those were the days when we were little and had no clue about anything that was going on but ourselfs". Those were the days only if we were still there right now.
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