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omFg wAs toDay a LonGg daYy .. ok so mimalella slept ova n we went in the mornin 2 heLen n gOt r eYe brOws doNe. FinALLY!! omFg i was soooo hairRry then me n mimallel went to super stop and bought supplies b/c we decided to bake for the 4th. Anyways it took forever our cupcakes we got the reciepe from seventeen they came out so bad well at least the frosting did. Buh i just finished the cake lyke now n it looks kinda good buh ill find out tomorrow when we eat it. RitEe noWw mimaLeLLa is sta casa di matthew con kiki La RoCca n im alone b/c i was finishin my pie when they left sooo no im boreds.. omg im s fin mad b/c nat and johnny my long lost cuzes who i haven't seen since florida for more than 5 minutes aren't coming again there going to there fin uncles, ok when im i gonna see them when they turn 30? all im good for is brinin them to florida, all they lyke is thur fin mas bf's son and thur moms side. weLl thuRrs tHe LuvV the ppLe who i use to see every weekend r finito gone off the face of the earth Wtf is up with tha can someone please explain it to me cuz i cant figure it out. RiTe mOre afTa tomOrrOw imA haVEe so MuCcHh fUuN w / mia familiga .powEer
<3 ilysFfm

-- its so sad didi can come tomorrow </3 cryin
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