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jULiaSs <--->>

tOday i HaDd to WaKee Upp at LykEe 7 so early b/c mRs. FiNnEy/GuiEeny (iMm noTt suRee) came to Pick me up for babysitting at 8:40.. great then by 9:00 we got to her house n the babysitting started. how fun 7 hours of having to make a kid happy i mean the grls name is julia n shes 5 n thank god shes not emma even tho i was about to call her tha everytime i said her name today lol. oKk so then since she lives near the cross county rail road we went to tha lil town center near her house for pizza. do you eVer have the feelin when you walk in somewhere every given person is stairing at u. well it always happens to me prob cuz thurr all lyke wow thurrs a 5'10 3/4 tall grl omg lets stair and make her unconfortable. god i hate when pple just stare lyke tha cuz ther was this group of mexicans who were sitting down lyke tha just starin. omfg tho mexicans have like to stare and beep at ne 1 especially in bronxville (LmAo) LoL sone ways the good thing about this job is shes giving my number to her sis who lives right down the road from me and who has lyke 7 friends on her block with lil kids and shes lyke thurr all gonna b fight for you im lyke yess finally a way to save upp some $$.+ it gives me somethin to do so im happy nesS. oHh n YesTerDay i haDd thEe RanDomEsS conVoSs w/ miAa beLla itSs so GawGess ::::
baCii cHoCoLATe: kk
baCii cHoCoLATe: hyperlala
BeLLa x Di: OMG thats frum teletubbies.. im poh nd lala
BeLLa x Di: winky- dipsy- lala- poh
baCii cHoCoLATe: tinky winky
baCii cHoCoLATe: dipsy
BeLLa x Di: my bad
baCii cHoCoLATe: lala
BeLLa x Di: POH
baCii cHoCoLATe: poh
BeLLa x Di: lol
baCii cHoCoLATe: telitubie
baCii cHoCoLATe: teletubies
BeLLa x Di: okay whu shuld u bee
BeLLa x Di: shuld i be poh or lala
baCii cHoCoLATe: BIG HUG!
baCii cHoCoLATe: lol i got into the moment
baCii cHoCoLATe: i wanna b..

tHaSs wSA PaRt ofF it HeHe i <33 mYy LaLa

kKk im So tiRed frOm ruNnin aLL daYy with JuLia n hER frienD GracY so iMma go wATch tVv or so/\/\tin

<33 PoEe PoEe
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