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omg so yesterday i finished my 3 days @ julias and got 150 dollars yeah now ima happy i got some money i just need more.. ok so today mYy beLLa LaLa gOt mYy GreaSse pic for my LjJ bG imAas so HaPpy shes Soo BriLLiaNnt ily di
so this week im getting my new shoes so me n my gurls can go running @ bronxville track and mi n frack (ria) can start our traing and tuff plan omfg thas gonna kick ass pple r gonna b lyke woah wow watch out for frick n frack lol. cant wait we got it all planned we just need a sunny day, my new shoes and were set. ill tell ya all wa were exactlly doin lata..
n tHen i haVe 2 sEe LaLa anDd tiNky wInKyY thiSs wEeK we havent seen each otha in lyke a week wheres the luv pples when u read this call me!!
kk so iMma go getT reADdY goin SomWehEre DonTt eVEn noO.....
iLy -->> GaBbOtAyy (pOEe)
ps. i need to go to bevs camp n see all these hott sexi abercrombie models shes tellin me about just gotta find out if she can bring me aHh i wanna see um..
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