la principessa (dream_come_tru3) wrote,
la principessa


today i was suppose to go to my modeling class. so nanny got bak from her partay @ 12:00 to pick me n miranda up.buh we left my house @ 1:30 am. we drove down in jaja's jaguar and droped miranda off at her g-mas @ lyke 2:00 am so by the time we finally got to nanny's this morning was 2:30 then i slept till 8 oclock. i got ready and we drove down to the address we found b/c we lost the # buh it was wrong we went to elite the big modeling company. so i ended up not going and i really have to find this ladys new # why did they have to go and fricken move? so besides tha im home now...
i want to change my layout im bored of grease which of the following should i make it..
1) roses of some kind
2) CMM and other hott guys
3) hearts
4) abercrombie models
5) other...

ps. im goin away for 2 or 3 days (not sure) con frack to nj mad fun we gonna start are b-ball trainin <33
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