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my weekend <3

wow to much to say well.. i have lyke the longest sleepova with diana -mimi and part con ria so far this summa. ok so-
went down con the padre to get mimi and diana on the train omg we took the 3:50 or somethin and it was a brand new train!! it was so sexii it made us so hipper lmao. n when we looked back through the seats we saw this guy like smiling @ us for lyke 10minutes it was so funny!! buh we had to pay b/c they actually care on the new trains buh when we go on the old trains we neva haveta. so then we switched to an old train it was sadness & they didnt even check for our tickets which we put in oour bras for safe keeping lol. so then we gots to katonah where we waited for an 1hr when a mi and big a got us. so then we went to thurr house to watch matthew the reason why we were havin a sleepova. and then everyone ria n her bros n my bros decided to come to wha a mad house of kids we had. then ria slept ova too and it was a happy ending.
we went to 11:30 mass then got some pasta salsad where we ate at @ my house cuz we had to watch jp b/c he thru up last night when we were all together and kiki was bak so we went thurr for the day and watch one tree hill 4 the first time. dam is chad fine <33 so then we went to auntie mimis slept ova and watched crimes of fashion.
Monday.. we woke up went to mia casa con matthew and waited for kiki to finish drivers end went down to la nannys house had some fun in bronxville did the fun. then @ 7:30 i we went to see a cinderella story and chad sexiness again. so beautiful we gotta go again for my 3rd and dadas 4th.
kiki went bak las nite for drivers ed so me dada(diana) and mama (mimi) went to bronxville @ 10 to drop miranda off at camp for uno hour. then while she was there me and diana went to assesorie and cvs were i bought her a 1 cent fruit 2 ohh special neess. then we got lost in mamas really big school ad we ran into a picture of oliver on the wall so we took it ! and then i bought my guess sandals and we ate at il bacio. omg and tehnwe couldnt find nanny (keep in mind who was at the house the whole time even tho delma said no) and miranda was about to crap in her pantalone. buh she made it and on the way we saw PJ!! OUR OLDD FRIEND i got to pet him it was so beautiful1!! then we came to my house and saw kiki then went bakk and then i had to come bak iwth my dad for the dentist. then mimi came to my house today and i m bored so right more later g2g watch my one tree hill i downloaded <33

<33 gaba

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