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aAy so ieri ( fAthas Day) i spent w/ ma dad + fam. till he had to go 2 work n then at nite we wents ova 2 a.mimis where i saw ma bellinas di and mimialella<33 n so we had this "barbquE" sorTta n we decided 2 go for a walk round the neighbor hood or to mimis, kiki n antnoy "run" buh w/e jthen we wa goin down this road n omf this rotwiler or somethin was gonNa kiLL us so were ran ran ran all the way back we were so fin scared buh it was so funny cuz i dun even think tha thing was out of its cage aAy buh was ya gonna do.. so then we had to leave omg sadness buh on thursday me n ma bellinas r gonna go in r town aay yeah bronxville n walk lyke old times omg so many mad mems down thurr with the sexiss omg gawgessness we gonna have so much fun i cant wait <33


k so 2 day i aint doin ne thin buh jus sittin hurr watchin reruns n ma soaps so im hurRr iFf ne 1 wanTts 2 caLL

<3 gaBboTtaYy

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