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nEw SeT uPp

mOnDay <3 highlight of my wEek i saw MiMi .dEdE cOn kiKi n mE (Gigi) ha r nEw naMes i madEe <33 oMg so i walked 2 bronxville track w/ kiki rite n i was lyke ok lets go this way its a short cut but it ended up bringing us all the way back to were we started near zia frankas i was dead tired and we still had to go to the track! so then we walked the normal way no short cuts and we passed the beer bottle hill n my water bottle was still there <33 so then we FINALLY made it to the track n thur was no hott guys ther and i was tired so i sat and watched kiki do her 8 miles i ran some and walked when mimi came buh i didnt have sneakers and my feet hurt from the track.. then we went to il bacio ate n di came thas when we went bakk to g-mas and played r game -- fun stuff then we went swimmin n in the jacuzii di grew to a triple d (lol) then we went bak n had dinna at the pizzeria buh we neva goin twice again in 1 day even tho its my dads place every1 was pissed cuz they were busy.. oops who cares. then i was gonna sleepova w/ mimi at nannys buh then my mom made me come home and still hasnt brought me to get my eye brows done so im sittin here bored as hell hairy!

aAy so i didnt do much today ... well tha wha i've bin doin most of my summa so far :( lets see the highlights for today:::
*kiki got her permit
*i got carvel icecream
*i got my own diana degarmo single (not kikis so she cant always take it! n no i didnt jus burn in cuz i gotta get diana sales-->> big A bought lyke 5 he gave us some haha)
*this grl made my new lj icon! so gawGe$$ riTe -->> dEde
*YankEes won!
omg i heart dianas song dream
mimi if u read this ----- omg y didnt u answer me 2day?? wtf grrrrr i asked u lyke a million times n u jus answer i gotta go n bye u kno i dont feel the luv up in hurr </3 nxt WeEk i GoT a job for 3 days from 9-4. My moms happy cuz ill actually b doin somethin n im happy cuz im gettin some cash. $$ im broke n no 1 hires 14 yr olds :( "DreaMs i gEsS wEre juS maDe of DreamS.." bELiEve me iF DreAms wEre ReaL my Lypke woUlD b gOod buh then i gEss thAs tru for anY 1
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