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omg soo much <33

omg so lets see for the past couple days me and di started this community italian_bellas its awsome omg ill put up the promotion banner when im bak home. cuz right now im at mia grandmas with mimi and di was here b4. it was so awswome we walked around bronxville and bout stuff and we got stuck at acessorie and then the old mexican helped me cuz i had to go to the bango so bad cuz we were stuck. and then di and mimi came and got help from kikis bf lol. omg and b4 even tha we ate at il bacio and omg so many laughs -- i couldnt say my usual gnocchi marinara it was hilarious we couldnt stop laughin and the lady next to us starts talking to us it was so funny. oh n then the best part of the day is when we went to see a cinderella story. dis ma drove us to the yonkers "united arist" omg it was the cutest movie (chad micheal murry is so hott) it was so tears of joy i wanna see it again!! omfg it was the bestt! ily lala and mimi <333333


pss.. i had to wear my helmet while i drove in the car with kiki for the first time she was doin good until she almost slammed into a car (lol)
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